Brev·i·ty (noun) : concise and exact use of words in writing or speech.


Outline your story before you start writing it.

Screen-writing is about three-act structure. The first third of your script introduces the main characters and identifies the core conflict or quest. The second third escalates the stakes and forces the protagonist to take bigger risks. The third act throws in more obstacles to place the protagonist (the lead actor) between a rock and a hard place and then resolves all of the outstanding issues. Whether Romantic Comedy or Dark Horror the obstacles are the same.

One of the easiest ways to outline your screenplay concept is to decide how many pages it will be and divide it by 3. Since 1 page of typed script equals 1 minute of screen time, a 3- minute film short would be 3 pages in length. Doh!

Screen-writing is about brevity. Accordingly, you’re not going to be writing every single detail about what the characters are wearing, what colour the house is.. or how many times the camera moves because these things are left to the discretion of the director, cinematographer, wardrobe designer etc. If you are all of the above rolled into one then try and keep it all in your head so as to know what’s going on in the overall production. Follow the whole process from screen-writing to filming to editing to sounds/effects and finally mastering.

”Genre is a set of rules, visual and stylistic motifs that bring a group of films together. Genre is also a list of audience expectations for any given film. Even “art house films” have genre traits (nudity, harsh violence, long takes, expect the unexpected) so there is no escaping it. The genre is not there to bind you in, but rather to give you elements to work in and around, subvert, twist or pay homage to.” ”Do not be bound by either the Title or Genre you pick. The GFC are looking for good films and bad ones also! Work with the elements you pick but do not be a slave to them.”

Of course you could ignore ‘all around you’ and do your own thing . . Like YOU only know how!